The world is rapidly changing. According to Pew Research, in 2016 millennials surpassed baby boomers as the largest living age group in the United States, and they are the driving force behind America’s job market. This obviously has many people wondering what marketing techniques work on them. If you have considered this topic to be a mystery until now, let’s examine the question again and come up with a few answers. Here are three things you need to know if you wish to reach this market.

Who They Are

Probably the most important factor when marketing to millennials is attempting to understand who they genuinely are. Most millennials aren’t interested in buying things merely for the sake of owning material items. What millennials want are goods and services tailored toward their interests. The more time you spend insisting that millennials buy a product, the less likely they are to actually make the purchase. You need to convince them that a product will provide a unique and essential experience before they will consider it.

What They Care About

For millennials, it’s important that a company be conscientious about the world as a whole. The environment, social justice and ethical labor practices matter very much to them. You should keep those things in mind when marketing to this group. According to doTERRA, millennials care about the sustainability of their products and the environmental impact of what they buy. It’s not enough to just have a catchy slogan and just seem accountable. Millennials will do research, so it’s important to have traceability on your products.

How They Consume Information

Many assume that cell phone usage among millennials makes them more isolated. That’s simply not true. Millennials are constantly connected. The difference is in what they’re connected to. According to Wipster, most millennials don’t read print newspapers or even watch cable news. If you want to reach millennials, you need website content and a strong social media presence. Millennials are also excellent at searching for what they want on the internet. That can be an advantage to entrepreneurs. When utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), businesses can present themselves effectively by ranking well on Google or other search engines. Such techniques are invaluable in reaching the millennial market.

For some people, marketing to millennials may seem mystifying, but as long as you take into account these key things, it doesn’t have to be hard. Like every generation before them, millennials have motivations that bring them to the marketplace. Their motivations are just different, and so are their shopping techniques. It’s important to remember that when directing marketing campaigns toward them.

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